A well organized event is an experience, provides inspiration, full of imagination and senses tingling. An event takes you back to emotional heights.

tangoIt is an excellent way to clear your message across. This is often linked to a theme, as a red thread through the whole event runs. There is usually a festive element attached. And above all good food.

An event at any location, anywhere in the world take place. For example, a “good-fault” party on a cruise ship with Gerard Joling as topper, it takes Two to Tango in Buenos Aires or fiesta beach party in Mallorca.

Overall direction

Travel & Conferences allows the complete organization, preparation and execution of your event from hands. We work with professionals as decor builders, caterers and artist’s desk. We have worldwide contacts for the perfect location for you to select. This saves you handfuls work. We hold the reins in your hands, even during the event, giving you all the attention for the guests.


The event provides an opportunity for your guests prior to the happening in the mood to meet: a beautiful addition to your communication.

Possible reasons for an event

  • Company Anniversary or company
  • Staff party, coupled with team building activities
  • Company or staff outing
  • Award ceremony during an incentive trip
  • Product introduction
  • Press
  • Event relationship
  • Or Christmas or New Year Meeting