A meeting allows you to clear your message across to your audience. Depending on the purpose for example the staff meeting, dealer meeting, department meeting, management consulting or customer meeting.

Unlike other

Imagine the sales team to a sales meeting. The message is that there is still hard to be the objective to achieve.
We help you, as a meeting planner, this message in a creative and inspiring way across. The extensive papers and figures are complemented by surprising actions. Think of unexpected speakers, culinary escapades as a Moroccan lunch at work or a brief humorous interlude during the management agreement.
The standard meeting room we leave for a surprising and especially inspiring meeting place. This may cabin on the Veluwe, an igloo in Lapland, an Ottoman Palace in Istanbul or a Ch√Ęteau in the Dordogne.

Set on edge

Surprising attention is the key. Travel & Conferences presents ideas on how the participants prior to the sales meeting enthousiasmeert and motivates. Think of a personal invitation to the staff meeting, irritating gimmicks before the dealer meeting, mystery guests prior to the sales meeting.
Special activities during the break to increase the management team spirit. Jogging together in the early morning breakfast in a tree. At night the forest in search of ‘wild animals’. In return knappert the fire and cracks the stories go.
Are there any special foreign guests on your international meeting? Then, for example, the limo ready to Schiphol Airport and the hotel rooms in place.


  • as part of a sales training
  • ‘Kick-off of the new year, announced new goals during the sales meeting
  • strengthen your relationship with dealers at the dealer meeting
    product introduction to the user days
  • staff meeting
  • sales meeting as part of the incentive campaign
  • meeting with your clients, extra attention to your customers on the Relation
  • your own specific business goals.